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soli2de said: i really like your vibes. i hope you have a decent day

Thank you my friend, I hope you have a good day too

"I’d cut my soul into a million different pieces just to form a constellation to light your way home. I’d write love poems to the parts of yourself you can’t stand. I’d stand in the shadows of your heart and tell you I’m not afraid of your dark."

-Andrea Gibson, Slip Your Mind (via larmoyante)


Don’t touch me. 

I feel hurt when you leave. 

Nobody could understand what this does to me. 

god damn banger. 

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fireflies in timelapse, photos by (click pic) vincent bradytakehito miyataketsuneaki hiramatsu and spencer black

Firefly garden.


My heart hurts, and I want to scream.



I love to watch her work, and best of all, I love to watch her make me dinner.

my biggest relationship goal is to walk around each other practically or fully naked cause omfg thats so hot im sorry


Let’s get in the car and just drive, I don’t give a shit where. Just you, I, and the open road.

Anonymous said: Are you going to college?

I’m at temple university.

I would probably give my soul to see DIE ANTWOORD on Friday